Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magical Journeys

I love the way children think.  They believe in so much that it make grown-ups seem to be this silly ones for not having faith.  It makes life so much more fun to think that anything could happen, laws of nature be damned.  Sure it makes for some wakeful nights when dreams seem to close to reality but even those can be further imagined away with “super spray” or magic wands.

A few months ago my husband travelled to Saudi Arabia for business.  He brought back some magical gifts for us all. 

April 2010 019

First there was the lam.  Even the 9 year old couldn’t wait to rub it, wanting all his wishes to be granted.  No genie has shown up yet but that doesn’t seem to phase their imagination.  

Then there were the carpets.  They may look rather ordinary to you and me but actually, they are magic carpets.  Even our cat Molly goes April 2010 022travelling on them (in the kid’s eyes anyway) thanks to this great little book “Molly’s Magic Carpet”.  On any given day they can be soaring through their magical lands , ducking past the moon and steering around mountain tops on the way to adventure.  Eyes shine and giggles erupt as strange things happen on their travels.


With or without the carpets, they regularly visit Owen-land and Laura-land.  These are places where they are in total control.  On the rotten days when the real world isn’t going as planned and mom is making us do our homework, I get told how it is much better in O.L or L.L.   A great diversion when the meltdowns are starting.   I hope this magic never disappears. 

I remember being a child and reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and loving how much of a wonderful escape it all was.  I’d imagine all the places I could go through my closet secret passage.  I’m a little more realistic now  but I still have some imaginative moments.  I am thankful to have the children to help reawaken the this sense of wonder.

What magic is in your life?  Do you have any fond memories of your younger years where your imagination took you?

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  1. I LOVED The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Sometimes I have dreams that I can get to another land -- usually through some janitor's closet in a big department store. Although lately I'm only dreaming medical shows and lesbian stuff. Sorry, got off point. Kids are great. Magic rocks. They even forgive the tooth fairy when she's a day or two late - how great is that?