Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cake is a 4-letter word

So, as I noted yesterday, the school had its annual cake raffle.  It involves teaching kids a valuable lesson on probability and dealing with disappointment while they toss in raffle tickets in favour of cakes that are much better than they would ever receive at home.  (Any normal home anyway. ) 

As usual, I try to prime my children on this "tough luck kid" life lesson thing before they go to school to avoid a meltdown in public.  As usual, my daughter has her stupid run of luck and wins, again, like she did here and like our son did here.  (Sheesh!  How the hell am I supposed to teach her to not play the lottery if she wins all the time!  No, wait... "Honey, can you please come to the casino with mommy?" Anyway, here is her winning cake.
Yay, we have a winner!  Except it is not all sunshine and lollipops.  The cake is Chocolate.   Owen can't do chocolate due to this.  So.... being awesome, I commit to making another cake.  Except the kids are wising up and being more demanding.   I raised the bar.  What was I thinking?!  Here is what I created.

I rock.  I am still committed to not making a cake for the raffle next year.    I know I will already be making one at home and I just do not need the extra stress.


  1. You made an Angry Birds cake! Cool! I don't dare show the photo to my kids or they won't give me a moment's peace till I make one too!

  2. Curse you and your damned lucky cake-winning daughter too.

  3. omg. can you make the jellybean's bday cake? i bow to your caky brilliance.

  4. I love it and your yet again winning daughter. reminds me of Daniels birthday cake when he turned 3. It was truck theme party and the layer cake was not going together very well due to over busy mom. so I took his truck and plopped it on top of the cake added tire cookie crumb trails and the boys had a great time driving the truck up and over the cake many times. I was cool mom letting them play with the food while some of my moms where horror striken. HEE HEE.