Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roller Coaster That Is Life

Hello dear blog.  I have not forgotten you.  It's just, you know, life that keeps getting in the way.  What sorts of things?  Well, let's see what the blur of the past few weeks has been.

Laura on skis for the first time. 
Husband returns from his travels with a man-cold.  So I take the two kids skiing on a perfect Family Day weekend solo, Laura's first time, and it was awesome!   The joy I get out of having them enjoy something new is fantastic. 

Back to the week of getting stuff done.  Visiting a chiropractor to see if I can fix a stupid numbness thing in my arm.  Meh! It is not really working.  Maybe time will heal it.  Well, that and vodka. 

Climb back up for an ultimate amazing weekend with friends I adore.  They have the power to rejuvenate with fun, laughter, tears and a ton of caring.  I loved just being myself for the few days - not a mom, wife, taxi driver and all the other things I do for others.  Awesome.

Plummet back to earth again.  DH still sick, Owen has it too. Ugh. It's alright though.  I am still coasting on my weekend buzz.  While DH is away the next weekend, Laura gets the nasty cold too.  *sigh*  I can handle this with my supermom powers. 

Then we dive lower yet. Lice has entered the building.  Aaaagggghhhhhh!!  I was about to take my dearest to see the doctor about her cough when, gulp, I saw them.  But, being amazing, I handled it all brilliantly.  I just look at it as a very long process.  There is lots of laundry being done, house has never been cleaner actually, and my kids too.  Baths galore and many hours of hair-combing.  We are surviving.

Then dive again.  My MIL is taken to hospital with stomach issues.  DH is stressed again and I must pull on my reserved again. 

It is now March Break.  We have a "stay-cation" booked which is perfectly fine with me.  MIL is healing, lice is departing, colds are disappearing and I took a nap today. 

This, too, shall pass.  Roller coasters are not my favourite ride but I will gladly take on the lows when the highs are there too.  It sure makes for an exciting journey, whether I want it or not.


  1. You forgot to add rotten friends who haven't done anything to help you out lately - but hey, the snow is melting, we should be able to get walking again soon. Hope your March Break is UNeventful.

  2. I'm with Allison - hope your March Break is deadly dull. You always impress me with your strength and positive attitude...hang in there!