Thursday, March 29, 2012

Luck Perspective

No wonder I am tired by 10:00 am.  Another typical start to the day...

After rushing around to find clean...ish clothes for the kids and create edible lunches out of mysterious things from the fridge, we hurry to the car to get them to school early for a thing.

O: Look mom!  A bird has pooped on our car!
L: Eewwwww!  (slight gagging sound emerges)
Me:  Oh well, they do that sometimes....  (Auto-response has kicked in.  I have not had enough coffee.)
O: It kinda looks like a face... a sad face actually... 
Me: (Attempting to divert)  Some people believe it is lucky to have birds poop on the car...
L:  I think 4-leaf clovers are luckier. (Still a bit gaggy.)
O: Did you know that the number 13 is lucky to some people but not from Britain... blah, blah,  (insert two minute random rant on luck facts and semi-facts... then silence.)
O:  I think it is lucky to have a bird poop on your car but not your forehead.

So true, my dear, so very true.

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  1. omg, how have I not hit upon the idea of getting you to send O over here to help me with this gd assignment? I bet he'd have Webdewey cold in under two hours.