Monday, February 14, 2011

Let there be CAKE!

The school holds a cake raffle every year to raise money for school council.  Being the great school citizens that we are, and because I LOVE cake, I let my kids have ballots to pick a cake they like.  And knowing my kids, aiming to avoid meltdowns and having the spirit of awesome mom-ness flowing through me, I made an emergency back-up cake lest they freak out on Valentine’s day without sufficient sugar. So….

001This is the cake I made to appease the pair when they didn’t win their favourite cake at school.


And this is the cake that Owen won with the family curse of good luck when it comes to contests. ( Mmmmm, cherry cheesecake.  Great choice, my boy!)

Still Laura did meltdown because she didn’t do the winning and it is not shaped like a ladybug.  I can’t win. There are limits to my mom awesome-ness you know.  Well, actually, I can win.  I get to eat two cakes now!



  1. Haha - your daughter sounds like my son - if it ain't ladybug shaped it's crap!
    The cakes look delish to me:)

  2. LOL! I love that you baked a cake in case the children didn't win a cake, and I love that it wasn't "good enough"...only because I've been there too. Like you, I sooooo deserve to be Super Mum, yet my children insist on being difficult!

    The heart shaped cake is pretty fancy. I'm impressed. I like it MORE than a ladybug cake ...if that makes you feel any better.

  3. awesome heart cake. you can make me a cake anytime you feel i am not winning. ;-)