Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thrill of an evening out and the agony of da feet.

Only two more sleeps!  BOLO is coming and it will undoubtedly be a wonderful evening out with fantastic Ottawa bloggers sharing their stuff.  I’m ridiculously excited, partially ‘cause I don’t get out much and partially ‘cause I get to be a grown-up for a whole evening. 

So what to wear?!  I have the dress, jewellery and even toenail polish worked out, but I’m stuck on my feet.  You see, there is just not much you can do with my size 10 puppies.  I used to just go into the store and ask for whatever they had in my size.  Now the stores are so much better at stocking for big feet.  Thank you cross-dressing fashionistas!  So now I have choice.

In my mind, my feet are elegant and I can rock the three-inch strappy heels with style.  I even bought some on a whim:


And I must have been way too happy, elevated on a double low-fat latte or something when I got these at a vintage store:


I have a hard time not tipping over in them.  In either case, my feet are telling me that I can’t actually rock these and expect them not to complain after fifteen minutes.  All very well as my next career as a super-model but I’d really rather enjoy the evening than whine about my feet and twisted ankles.

So then there are the comfort options:


Both extremely fetching comfortable… a little too causal perhaps.  Hmmm.  Well, there are the old stand-by options.


Um, no. Stunning as they are, I will have to work a little harder on the look.


Not bad.  They have a bit of bling and I can wear them all night.  I’m just not sure. 

Well, whatever.  Seriously, who is going to be looking at my feet while so many awesome bloggers share their amazing work anyway?  I’ll be the one in the fuzzy slippers and a huge smile on my face.  Perhaps I’m a trend-setter!


  1. dress?!? bling?!? toe nail polish?!? ack! this is too much pressure. i was thinking of clean shorts and t-shirt with my keens. now i'm all flustered.

    -smothermother (julie)

  2. Oh Mylanta, now I have something new to worry about! I was going to wear my five-year-old sandals that are falling apart. With no toenail polish (do I even OWN any polish?).

    Although, I did buy a cute new dress just for the occasion. So perhaps I will break out the wedding-only high-heel strappy sandals. I will if you will!

    BTW love the last pair the most, but the first two are also super sweet.

  3. Pam! You have sexy shoes!

    I never even noticed that your feet were big. Mine aren't that big, but they don't work right, so I can't wear sexy shoes without big pain either. I'll be rocking the orthotic sandals, so your tootsies can't help but be better by comparison.