Friday, July 15, 2011

KMKY July 2011

Knowing me, Knowing you - July 2011

Thank god someone's mind has not turned to summer mush.  Shannon's monthly interview project yanks me out of my lazy zone and back into writing something.  Here she goes.

1. It's less than 6 months until Christmas, have you started your shopping yet?

Bahahaha!  Really?  Why I am the queen of procrastinators and will not be doing this until about the second week of December in a cold panic.  That's why everyone gets gift cards or things you can get at the grocery store. 

2. What's your guilty pleasure?

Where to begin that I can actually post on my blog?  I am totally hooked on Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Dark Chocolate granola bars.  I lurk on facebook at least 10 times a day, trolling for friends.  Amazing Race hour is an pure me-time and heaven help the poor soul who interrupts me. 

3. Are you on Pinterest?

I had no idea what this was until I looked it up just now.  Looks interesting, but another way to spend too much time of my life on the computer.

4. Popsicle or an ice cream cone?

Ice cream cone, preferably sugar cone with a single scoop of something decadent like Death By Chocolate or something on it.  Yum!

5. Are your toes painted?

Yes.  Purple right now, rather chipped.  Love it when I get a spa pedi to make it nice but I'll slash away at my own toes in a pinch, remover close at hand.  I love having colourful toes - usually pinks, purples and plums.  One day I'll leap out of my comfort zone and do something more dramatic... on my way to my tropical island holiday with tropical drink in hand.... 

Happy July! 


  1. So, uh, see you on Facebook in ten?

  2. I totally lurk on facebook all of the time. Wanna be friends? I'm trying not to get sucked into the time suck that is pinterest, but I do love that I can have a place to keep all the recipes I come across online.