Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless (mostly) Wednesday - Fishing

They are SO eager to go fishing at the cottage, begging me to pack the rods and asking almost as soon as we arrive.  I don't do fish.  But I am an awesome mom so grab gloves, net, and pliers to handle the unlucky catches anyway.  Laura doesn't actually want a hook on hers.  Um, ????  Owen does about five casts and is done.  Score!  They are content, I have no fish to deal with.  Another contrived memory at the cottage.  Priceless.


  1. Come on, have you MET Laura? Can you see her wanting to put an actual hook in an actual fish? Eve, on the other hand....

  2. I LOVE it when you get "mom points" AND the proff of pictures and yet the whole event only lasts seconds. LOL Good job fellow mom.