Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Moments: Alike

This is a thing Brie does at Capital Mom, writing on a theme word and seeing what comes of it.  Here is my spontaneous first attempt.

Alike.  It seems I have a mini-me in my daughter.  She looks like me, like how I looked at 8.  Our hair is very similar and our eyes.  She is even cursed blessed with my personality – part shy and quiet, part curious, seeing humour in daily things, happy alone but also liking being with others.  We are not perfectionists but see the big picture, solving problems but sometime overwhelmed into inaction.  It is all part of the package that comes with this genetic bond and our family ways.

At this stage in her life, she doesn’t mind that we are alike.  She looks up to me (and I to her).  But I know what is coming.  Those teenage years when we try so hard to forge our own identity.  Saying “I know, I understand, I’ve been there” will fall on deaf ears as she struggles to find her individuality.  It will not be me to whom she talks about her problems.  We are too close and I may be that problem.  There will be times when she will deny much about herself that is like me.  I hope I have the strength and wisdom to get through these times. 

After these rocky years, I hope she embraces the person she is, exactly as she is. She is amazing, quirks and all.  I know, I understand, I’ve been there.  For I am a bit of a mini-me of my mother.  It is something I appreciate now, all the ways in which we are alike.


  1. This speaks to me. I know the girl gets her persistence and steel will from me. Which are both bad and good things. I hope we can navigate her future together somehow.

  2. I too have a daughter like that, and I know the similarities that are delightful to her today may be frustrating (to both of us) as she gets older. When my children were babes, toddlers, children, I always knew what to do. But as they approach their pre-teens, I feel I have less instinctive knowledge. Strength and wisdom - that's a good place to start.