Monday, November 5, 2012

Seeking Warmth

It's official.  The first flakes of winter are falling, the wind is picking up and it is time to accept that winter is on its way.  Today I am thinking about what is actually nice about the arrival of the season. Top 5 right now?

  • Sitting by the fireplace.  It's gas which lacks some of the charm from the wood burning type, but it is convenient and warm.  I put in on most evenings and curl up nearby. 

  • Sipping hot coffee.  OK, so I do this year-round but it brings even more comfort in the chilly weather.  The trick is to cut myself off after 5 cups or so, which doesn't always happen.

  • Home made squash-apple soup.  Yum!  This stuff warms me inside and out with the flavour and smell.  A definite cold weather staple.

  • Fuzzy socks.  My popsicle toes appreciate the comfort and it makes me smile. 

  • Warm thoughts of hotter times.  Las Vegas, Caribbean, cottages, summer... plenty of memories to keep me smiling and remembering the times I felt too hot. 

So bring it on winter!  I'm ready for you!  ... sort of.  I'd better find my boots, Where's my toque? Do I really have to shovel that? 


  1. DOH! I was supposed to start the crockpot this morning for squash and apple soup! I think it's not too late. Off to butcher the squash. :)