Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dinner fail, again

I opened my fridge, looking for something to will me to make it for dinner tonight.  The fridge is full but there is nothing to eat.  Both a parenting and cooking fail moment.  My random thoughts?

Do potato chips count as a vegetable or grain product?  Why are there chips in the fridge anyway?  I don't even want to know what's in that container at the back.  We did pasta last night so that is out.  Too cold to barbecue something.  Hmmm.  One kid won't eat eggs so an omelet won't work.  Salad, yes!  That's a good idea... in theory... but the lettuce is getting old and I don't do icky lettuce.  Cheese..  Maybe there's something I can do with cheese...  Um, no, not that cheese.  What exactly was I on when I bought buttermilk?  Did I have a Martha moment of baking fantasies at the store?  Seriously! 

On it goes.  I settled for fish and chips with frozen veg.  Thrilling.  They ate it and it wasn't Halloween candy.  So I suppose it isn't a real fail but I need to get some planning and fridge cleaning in this week.  I obviously can't leave dinner to inspiration.  It just doesn't end well. 

This is NOT my fridge... I'm jealous


  1. I hate that sinking feeling I have, when I'm driving from work to go pick up the kids and then head home, and I realize that I have NO IDEA what I'm going to make for supper. I actually enjoy cooking, but I hate having to scramble to pull something decent together at the last minute.

    You still have the buttermilk? I predict pancakes at Pam's this weekend.

  2. Wednesday after we had coffee I was so fired up I spent three and a half hours in the basement cleaning out the closet. The stir-fried beef and broccoli with noodles we were going to have for supper turned into frozen pizza.

  3. Is that...a wine rack built into the fridge? SOME PEOPLE.