Friday, April 15, 2011

Internal battles should burn calories

I am not supposed to be here, typing on the computer. I should be at the gym, working on that promise to myself to slim down and muscle up. I feel guilty and yet here I sit. Gravity is strong today. Which way will my will-power pull? It is quiet here, a peaceful moment before the din of the weekend. It makes it hard to want to move, to yank myself into action.

I need a carrot, something dangling before me to lure me away to the sweaty room of treadmills and strength building machines. Or perhaps I can scare myself with a "stick", shorts season and bathing suits. It is rare that I regret going to the gym, after I have gained the momentum.

*Sigh* I am moving. Perhaps I will get a latte after my workout - fat-free of course.


  1. I am supposed to be eating healthier and I had cake after supper last night and a chicken shwarma for lunch. So not healthy. Don't beat yourself up. You deserve a break now and then!

  2. You're so right. Sorry I was no help at all - I blame my husband, and stupid Italy. You rock either way.

  3. i hope to get my ass on my bike on monday. but then tuesday i have a meeting that runs late, so i can't bike that day. and then it's the long weekend, so really, maybe i should only start biking on the 26th.

    yeah, bathing suit season doesn't seem to be a big enough stick for me at the moment. though that is a super cute suit!