Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feel the love

Borrowing the feeling from Allison's post, you can feel the love in this family. After dinner this week at which we all actually ate together and even grunted somewhat pleasantly to each other. DS: mumble, mumble...Hockey \, mumble (or something like that - I tune it out after a while.) "Hey mom?" Me: "Yes?" DS: "Is dad going to be home soon?" mumble Stanley Cup mumble. Me: "Um, ya... that was the guy who sat across the table from you at dinner. He's home." DS: "Oh...ya" We are oh so functional at times. I think I might put a cardboard cut-out of me at the next music recital. It would totally fool him.


  1. Poor Steve. Maybe that's where the pain in his chest came from.

  2. OMG, you have hit on a brilliant idea. Cardboard cutouts of parents! For the dinner table, for hockey games, for school musicals!

    Your millions await.