Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm-tabulous Easter

Sis, bro and I sippin' "Sibling Rivalry" wine.


I’ve picked my siblings well.  Not only do we get along with our same wacky sense of humour, but our families mesh real good too. 

My sister lives on a 100 acre farm with cute little lambs, and many magical places for the kids to roam.  We give them all enormous freedom when we visit and they usually return, dirty, tired and happy.  After way too much rain this spring, Sunday was cooperating with sunshine and warmth.  A perfect day to let everyone loose.

Here’s pictorial evidence of their Easter bliss.

Engineering a bridge across the great divideLaura and Kate dressed up for the adventureOwen climbing into Planet CrazyCentury old barnBaaaaaRaising the flagGrown ups on their own adventureToo cute!  This is why I can't eat lamb.  Baa!

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