Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day two - Project Buttercup

I am what you may call strong on ideas and somewhat lacking on follow through. Part of my amazing procrastinating type-B personality, I suppose. Anyway, baby steps are better than no steps. Laura melted down last night because I wouldn't let her crawl along the garage floor. Owen fell apart because some people in his class don't like the same hockey team as he does. Both went to bed rather suddenly after all that. I poured wine (for me, not children this time.) Here is what is up so far.

What's working:

The Job Jar. I like this thing. I write down a few short jobs on sunny, happy yellow paper and the kids get to pick them out of the jar. They think it's a game! Oh so cleaver. 'Tis early days yet so the wheels are bound to fall off that merry band waggon some time. Meanwhile we're rolling with it. They fight over who gets to help with laundry and squeal happily when I show my amazement at the vacuuming.

One meal prepared. Well, that sort of worked. I made tortellini and Owen didn't want it so I handed him a bun and butter and told him to go crazy. No complaints and I had fewer dishes.

What's not:

Um, the TV is still on. That would be my fault. I'm tired and I want to hear no issues while I take an hour to check the computer. However, we did go out for a bike ride to the park before the TV went on and Owen did his homework first too. So I guess that's progress.

Better run. Now Laura is begging to do her homework. Weird.

Thanks for the comments and words of wisdom as well as humour yesterday. All greatly appreciated!


  1. I made Angus pour their milk and get napkins yesterday. He said 'what am I, the Dad?' Project Buttercup is sorely needed around here. I will persevere!

  2. Hm, good idea about the job jar. We are also considering a job chart, where each kid has an assigned task - just one thing to do each day. So far there has been some whining but at least we have our oldest sweeping the floor after dinner each night (with MANY reminders, but still). I'm encouraged. Keep it up, and we can soldier on together!

  3. Hope things are still going strong and even if you have hit some bumps along the way, remember you can just dust yourself off and move forward. Don't let it derail you. I too have done this so much in the past (doing everything for the family) and its amazing how one day you just can step back and see it all so clearly and wonder how on earth it got to that point.