Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unusual Decoration

Holiday challenge time! I know you need a game to help keep your peppermint scented, mall-brawling and gingerbread over indulging self from going insane. So here you go.
Spot the ornament that is not like the others. It's so nice to have help with the Christmas decorating. The tree hasn't tipped yet but I expect to hear a crash any time now.
Did you say;
a) candy canes ('cause it just isn't right to have that much candy within reach of the free-range tykes)
b) a duck ornament ('cause that really has nothing to do with a traditional Christmas story but is there due to my husband's waterfowl fetish)
c) a furry feline in the artificial tree.
The correct answer is c), but I'll accept any answer really. I say "pshaw!" to them Martha Stewart look-alike, colour coordinated trees! Ours if full of unnique crap and I'm proud of it! Every little homemade festive thing is prized as are the ones we get while travelling. It all looks awesome after a wee bit o' Christmas cheer anyway.


  1. I so agree. Although I can only leave the kids' lopsided arrangement for a day or so, and then I start sneakily rearranging for balance. But yeah, no colour-coordinated crap for us.

  2. your tree looks just like ours. except for the cat. i can't do colour coordinated crap. it's too cold. my in-laws have it. 'nuff said.

  3. is that your own cat in there? SO cute.

  4. I love unique crap too. And really, who would want to hang around with Martha Stewart anyway?

  5. Hey, I can post comments on your site now! Wicked. Wasn't working before. It's nice to return the love.

    We bloggers (deep down) are total comment whores.

  6. I had a kitten once who got stuck in the Christmas tree, and it was such a big fat tree and small kitty that we couldn't reach in far enough to get her.

    Colour-cordinated trees have no soul. Especially blue trees - when did blue get to be a Chrsitmas colour?