Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WW Thanksgiving AND Kids in the Capital

First of all, the very nice people at Kids In the Capital let me make a guest post. Obviously I wrote it when my girl was a sicky and illness was much on my mind. We are now recovered (except my husband who seems to have a Man Cold) but I hope my little handy hints are of some help to those in the thick of it.

Kids in the Capital is going for a Canadian Blog Award. If you like it, why not vote for it by clicking and voting for them. Thanks!

Now on to Thanksgiving. Gorgeous weekend here in Ottawa. We ate two full turkey dinners, spendt hours outdoors hiking & hay riding and saw everyone we are related to. So here are the kid-pics to prove it.


  1. Yay! The post is great! But I never heard back from you with a blurb for the end? Did you get that email? If you email us one I will post it at the end.

  2. the kids in the capital post is great. well done. and your thanks giving weekend looks like it was great.

  3. Go you! Great pics. I will click and read and vote and whatever else now.