Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wheels spinning yet again

Clock goes off at 5:00am. Ugh! Hubby is on his way to the airport again. Tough for him and tough for me. It's a short work trip this time but it still involves adjustments. Making mental notes to myself - get the mail, arrange play date for Laura tonight while Owen does music, buy more coffee, wipe breakfast off faces and check bags for what is forgotten.

After the daily kid drop and home trip I have a moment of inspiration. Make pumpkin cookies! By the time the dough is made I'm back to spinning my wheels again. The to-do list is SO long that I don't know where to begin. I've managed to put up my own self-defeating barricade again. When in doubt, do nothing. Must play useless games on the computer. Well that's helpful. Strangely the dishes did not do themselves while I aimed for a high score.

Where do some people get all the energy? I seem to have missed out on that gene. Never mind. Must move forward, even if it is slow. Step one, pour more coffee...


  1. I hear ya sister!!!! Amazing how days just fly by and I know I have so much to do and yet I stand and look at the disarray and it seems easier to just turn and walk away. I tell myself I will "spend a few minutes on the computer" and hours later I emerge just in time to do the mad kid pick up. sigh

  2. i try not to look at the mess while i check facebook, read my blog reader and watch copious amounts of tv. i try to make sure i don't set the bar too high! ;-) hope the hubby is back soon!