Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knowing Me Knowing You - October

Yay!  A happy little post care of Fairy Blogmother so that I can write something logical with the help of some direction.  So here’s me on the questions of the month. 

1. Started your Christmas shopping yet?

Now really.  What fun is Christmas shopping before the crowded panic of the week before Christmas?  I find it hard to think out of season and if there ain’t snow, I don’t got the spirit.  Ask me again on December 23rd.

2. Fall is here, what is your favourite cold weather comfort food?
I LOVE fall.  I feel somewhat justified at eating anything and everything that smells good.  Pumpkin anything, apple anything (especially with cinnamon), roasted anything (except lamb – I just can’t do it, what with their cute little woolly faces and all) and chocolate.  Well I can do chocolate any time of year – I’m that versatile.  A good red wine will do nicely too.  I wonder why I keep putting on the pounds?  A mystery.

3. Are you watching any new TV shows?

Too much TV.  September is good for doing that and my DH has been away so I have been glued to the boob-tube far too much.  There’s new seasons of Glee, Grey’s, Modern Family, Amazing Race and Big Bang to get into.  I’m also trying No Ordinary Family and various cooking shows. It’s a wonder I have time to parent the kids. 

4. Have you read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet?

No, I haven’t.  (See above – too much TV watching to spend quality time reading or something.)  Although I have a nice big pile of books bedside that I am aiming to get through.  It may happen by spring thaw.

5. Is the top of your desk cluttered or clear?
Um, well, did I mention that my DH is away ?  He’s the organizer.  I like to think of myself as the free-flowing creative one… or the one who is easily distracted and doesn’t quite get everything back to where it belongs.  It’s not as bad as it sometimes is.  I’ll put it on my To Do list…. if I can find where I put it….

So, that’s me.  How ‘bout you?  Any little fun answers to the above you would care to share?  Comment below and/or link up with Shannon’s Mr. Linky thingy and type away.


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