Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Clearly losing it

Today I have cleaned the house so that the beloved cleaning company can find the surfaces to really clean. I have sorted through piles of clothing without my daughter near by so that I can pass on some outgrown clothes to her younger cousin without a big fight. I have driven to Kanata to meet my sister to drop off said clothes and borrow gear for a Halloween costume for my son. I have bought more Halloween crap for myself that I probably didn't need. I have picked up the kids, made them to homework while I whipped up more costume stuff for my boy. I am now attempting to blog while the pizzas cook and we get ready to head out to MYC music class with the kid who didn't practice.

Normal? Well usually. Except I have NO voice and a wicked cough type cold. I should be curled up in bed having the world cater to me. Yet here I am, being super-mom yet again. Where is my sanity? Clearly I lost it amid the clutter.

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