Monday, June 14, 2010

My kids are nerds

Is this a bad thing? Well, no, not really. It does mean that they will fit in nicely when they are 30 in Grad school and going to chess club, I suppose.

Right now, my son is home sick with a cold. And what does he want to do? "Mom, can I listen to classical music and lie in bed?" Weird. He is also getting quite into sports stats - baseball, hockey, and now world cup soccer. Fascinating stuff.

My daughter has some definite ideas of how to dress herself. Usually it involves clashing colours and a headband. She collects rocks and loves to watch the DIY channel (Do it Yourself home improvement shows). She's turning 7.

So I'm guessing I will never have to have the sex talk with my children because they will be 25 before they even think about it and peer pressure will not be a big issue because they really don't care if they fit in. Yes, being a nerd is a good thing. I'm thinking those apples don't fall far from the nerdy, awkward tree they came from. At least we all understand each other.

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  1. my kid is only three and already a comic book super hero geek. viva la nerd revolution!