Friday, June 11, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You – June 2010


Time once again for the monthly interview project, knowing me, knowing you, courtesy of Fairy Blogmother Shannon.  Great for getting the little noggin’ working and getting to know fellow bloggers.  Feel free to play along and connect to Shannon’s Mr. Linky thing to share your post with other players.

1. Do you often have out of town guests?

On occasion.  Usually family or unsuspecting friends who haven’t figured out how to gracefully book themselves into a hotel.  I like guests but at some time run out of social energy and want to retreat to my room.  But I do love pulling out all the stops, feasting and drinking like royalty and laughing with everyone until my stomach hurts.  Well worth all the tidying that is involved to have the lot.

2. What kind of an overnight guest set up do you have?

We have a guest room!  Woo hoo!  Love this house.  The kids can bunk in together or have other’s sleep in their room so that makes room for a family to stay in comfort.  Any takers?

3. Cupcake or cake?

Is that a trick question?  Both of course! But if I had to choose, it would be cake – something with yummy icing or a fabulous cheesecake would work.  I don’t bake cakes often because my belly can’t take me sneaking down for just a tiny sliver of a piece ten times a day until I burst.  I have a real sweet tooth (and the gut to match.)

4. Iced tea or lemonade?

I like both but am more likely to crave ice tea.  Unless my kids are making it and they are beaming with pride over their lemonade creation (which hopefully involves some sugar instead of salt) then I’ll pick their lemonade and slurp it with a smile.

5. When you get into bed for the night do you go right to sleep or do you read, internet or watch TV before lights out?

Read if I can keep my eyes open for 15 minutes or so.  No TV or internet in our room.  I often flake out in front of the TV after the kids are in bed or play an all important round of Farmville before turning in.

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  1. Oh I have a fellow farmville addict here do I? It's a little crazy how much I love that little game. Not to mention the conversations I have with other like minded individuals. How are you liking the additions to the game.

    I usually manage to read for about 15 minutes if I'm lucky. I have to read at least a page or two no matter how tired I am. I think my brain needs the transistion. Thanks for playing along.