Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Frequent Fairy Miles

It’s all about the teeth for Laura right now.  Specifically, the rate at which teeth seem to be ejecting from her growing six-and-a-half-year-old mouth.  This morning was the third in a month.  Laura is thrilled.  I am thrilled. No more wiggle-wiggle “Mom, my toof is loof… look!” wiggle-wiggle, looking like a hillbilly with teeth askew while I chop up her food into soft tiny bites.

  May-June 2010 019 

May-June 2010 025

So on to the important business of Tooth Fairy note writing.  We’ve got it down to a science now.  Laura spends a lot of time creating a letter of devotion to the beloved TF.  The last one was 3 pages long including a full sized picture.  She absolutely had to have the book “Dear Tooth Fairy” to help her compose the letter, which her mother, ever her servant, picked up at the library for her.  This is hard work! 

May-June 2010 026

Not to mention how the TF has to respond in a way that is acceptable to a little girl.  For some reason, the TF got in the habit of giving a twonie and a small trinket upon discovery of a precious tooth.  It is now too late to explain to the TF that it would have been simpler to just leave the money.  A TF must always be prepared!  I suppose the TF may have been overwrought with guilt after once failing in her duty and not remembering to do the exchange one night.  The heartbreak of a little girl pulls very hard on the heartstrings.

So the tradition of childhood fairy business will continue tonight and as long as they write to her.  She loves her little ones so very much.May-June 2010 024


  1. How sweet and how amazing how frequently the tooth fairy happens to slip up and forget (or get too busy or whatever) in households across the country. Perhaps someone should speak with her boss.
    J on the other hand, has yet to lose a single tooth. We are starting to wonder if perhaps he is younger than we thought and not really six-and-a-half.

  2. We did the same thing with the money and a cute little something -- major pain in the butt. The TF was too busy to hit our house just last night. In her defense, she was here just three nights ago -- and this is my big boy, not my little girl. Apparently apple-chewing is currently somewhat difficult for my son, since both of his 'main chewing teeth' are gone.