Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recital Day


Dressed up for the big day, little hands search for the notes.

Musical pieces with funny names –

Popcorn is hers, played with staccato enthusiasm

He chooses My Paddle’s Keen And Bright, performed like a canoe in choppy water but with pride.

Another music year over – the prodding to practice, the rush to lessons, trying to remember what we’ve forgotten, the encouragement and tears.  They have learned so much.

The anxiety - no wait – that’s me.  They live in the moment, never self-conscious, blurting out exactly what is on their mind, oblivious to their imperfections and rhythm mistakes.   Music is anther way to play.

Eyes shine and they take a bow. 

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  1. Erg. Our next recital is June 19th. Enjoy your practice-haranguing free summer!