Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baking Success

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Adventures in gluten-free baking continue!  After some earlier attempts at home creations, I was not too sure how things would go.   I am not a born-baker but I am pleased to say that some of my creations are turning out better than expected.  Here’s some of my latest attempts:

April 2010 B 005 

Cornbread min-loaves from the mix that you can get at Bulk Barn.  I’ve been rather impressed with what they have at bulk-barn for GF diets.  It opens up so many possibilities.  I baked these mini-loaves according to directions on the little paper thing you can get from the store.  The results were not dry and quite good!  I did substitute almond milk for the regular milk and baked them in mini-size because a) I heard that they may rise better and bake through better in the smaller container and b) it’s quicker and c) It’s fun!  Who wouldn’t like a mini loaf of just about anything.  So cute!

Blueberry muffins from Judy’s Add Your Own Magic Muffin Mix .  They turned out quite well.  Moist and yummy.  I added applesauce to the mix instead of too much oil.  Definitely a do-again and I think we’ll be trying some more of the mixes in the near future. 

Finally, I did some good GF Blondies from a Namaste mix.  YUM!  Very sweet and I also added some chocolate chips to make it extra decadent.  We all ate them up rather quickly.  I case you are interested, both Judy’s mixes and the Namaste company have a wide range of foods that help in many allergies.

So the road to GFCF cooking continues.  It is not an easy diet to adopt.  A nine year old boy does not take changes to his already limited diet in stride some days.  Frankly, the best approach is to be honest with him about what we are doing and why.  I don’t try to hide foods and I don’t give him anything I am not willing to eat myself.  I’m not sure what difference this is making to his health and well being yet.  It may be early yet to tell and we are still only 95% there for being GFCF.  Giving it a few more months and it may help all of us be healthier.

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  1. Whoo-hoo -- non-gray un-gluey baked goods. Mini corn bread just sounds like a good idea. Good on your for persevering. I would have chucked it weeks ago :).