Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

As usual, we ring in the New Year in a quiet and anti-climactic way.  I don't mind, actually.  Usually the holidays have been busy and someone is sick by the time the year wears out.  This year that would be DH with migraines and DD with a snotty cold.  So watching TV after eating a yummy meal with vino to match seems like a great way to wind down.  This year, Owen stayed up straight through to midnight.  He was determined to do it.  We watched Cars 2 and various sports highlights then he bounced around as the clock counted down to bad bands on TV.  We popped some champagne that we had stored for a while and it was flat.  Rather fitting for a lack-luster holiday really. 

So, forever optimistic, I am looking forward to a new year of more.  More effort in general on my part to steer things in the direction I want them to go instead of drifting with the tides.  I am easy going by nature but this leaves me living a random life of happenings.  I want to participate more, do more, be more, as they say.  I am disorganized enough that I haven't really thought through what this means as yet but procrastinating less may be a part of it.  Perhaps it will come to me as I drive on the great province road trip to see my folks tomorrow on my own with kids.

We kick started our new year's morning with some yummy muesli from a recipe by Michael Smith.  It was a variation of this one.  Of course I still needed a few cups of coffee to jump start the day, but still, I'd like to think it was more of a good start than usual. 

So, raising a healthy glass of water to a new year of more awesomeness to you all.  Cheers!  (We'll see how long this really lasts. Stay tuned for my next post on how failure is under-rated.)

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  1. Cheers to a great 2012 for you, Pam.

    This year we went out to a party, but I've had a few quiet New Years' evenings over the years and have always found them rather enjoyable.