Friday, January 20, 2012

I Own The Library

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.  I do seem to have paid the library enough that if it were in shares, I would be a major stakeholder.  Procrastination has its downside.  In this case, it is a big pile of fines thanks to overdue books and DVDs. 

I used to say that that I didn’t mind.  What’s a few bucks here and there for public literacy?  I’m a big believer in reading of all kinds for every age so taking the kids to the library has been something we’ve done almost weekly since they popped out of the womb.  We check out a stack of books, magazines, some DVDs and the odd Wii game and stagger home with our loot.   Now, if you know my kids, you can guarantee that at least some of the books will end up deep in the scary recesses of the under-bed-world. Yikes!  Maybe that novel will be put in a bag that is in a box that is in a cupboard in someone else’s house to be unearthed when they move.  So at some point there will be late fees.  Lots of late fees.  How much? Let’s see… my back of envelope calculations are 11 years times 52 weeks times and average of $3 per week of fees…  carry the stupidity…. equals…. about $1800.00!  Ack! 

Forever positive (dammit!) I have to factor in the up side to these expenses.  In the younger years my kids had endless hours of entertainment by patient librarians of story time programs and glittery crafts.  And I didn’t get sued over the toddler-dropping-the –video-almost –on-the-patron-below-through-the-stupid-gap-in-the-second-story-balcony incident.  (Handy hint – always carry a backpack for library projectiles while herding 3 year olds through the library.) So there is some value for the money.

Oh yeah, and my kids love the library.  They love books, even if they are not brilliant readers.  They love being curious and finding out about things in the library.  Going regularly has made them feel at home there.  So even if I am not an owner, I love being a part of the library family.



  1. At least you actually have lost items to blame for your late fees. Mine are generally stacked neatly on the chest of drawers by the front door as they accumulate my massive debt. However, if I had BOUGHT all the books I BORROW, the damage to my bank account and the structural integrity of my house would be incalculable, so...

  2. We don't go to the library quite so often, but somehow every time we check out books there seem to be late fees owed.

    I like Allison's way of looking at it, tho. Think how much worse it would be if you'd BOUGHT the books and DVDs.

  3. I love that Calvin and Hobbes!!!