Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hitting the slopes

I am one proud mama yet again.  Owen has accomplished another first - skiing. 

The school has a ski club where they go to a local ski resort and ski for four weeks.  Lessons, rentals and transportation are included.  Owen wanted to try it, maybe because he likes watching the sport on TV or perhaps because he would get out of class for a few afternoons.  I wanted him to do it because as good Canadians, we have to embrace winter and participating in sports is a great way to do it.  Plus I could volunteer with the school and have some ski fun too.  He did very well!  His eyes shone with his accomplishment and he chattered on about it all the way home. 

The reason it was such as success was the awesome instructors and volunteers at Packenham.  This guy stayed with him for an hour and a half, full of patience and encouragement as he negotiated the skiing thing.  Wow!  There was lots of attention to detail from all the staff at the resort.  They understood his needs and worked with him.  That doesn't always happen with kids with special needs.  We are so lucky. 

Seeing the thrill in the eyes of your child as he conquers something new is priceless.


  1. what an inspiring post :) Judyx

  2. way to go owen! and packenham.

  3. The reason it was such a success is because he has a kickass Mom who believes in him and volunteers to freeze her ass off so her kid gets a chance to ski. You rock, babe.