Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeling twisted

I seem to have forgotten how to write. No worries mate, I'll just tell you about a cooking experiment - twisty home made soft pretzels.
Steve is away for a too long business trip and I am craving comfort. Having lost a few pounds in my attempt at a health kick, I feel the need to put them back on immediately with comforting carbs. I haven't attempted pretzels before but I was strangely up for the challenge. Then serendipitously, Allison came by and bravely helped with the procedure. It's much more fun with company.
Got the recipe here and tweaked it a bit because I just can't follow instructions. Call me a rebel.
I included some whole wheat flour to make it "healthy" and baked it longer than they said. Here's what came out:

Not too shabby and they tasted pretty yummy. Laura helped with some of the shapes and then made up some kind of mystery dough with flour, water and cinnamon. Half the joy was in the making and it made a dreary day much more tolerable. I'm going to pull out the ole bread machine more often. It makes the house smell delicious!


  1. It was SO MUCH FUN. And you are totally twisted.

  2. I love homemade pretzels, I can just imagine the two of you getting all twisted up together. Keep up the gym though, I'd join you but my leg is still gimpy :)