Monday, March 28, 2011

50 Things That Make Me Feel Normal

Carrying on the tradition of stealing ideas from other people, I give you this. Thanks to Patti at Still Breathing and her awesome writing for the inspiration, and with whom I cannot hope to keep up.

I should start by saying that the "normal" I define here is largely subjective and basically means I feel alright with myself and not like a huge blight on society when I'm in this "normal" state.  Not to be confused with what other people think of as normal - way too dull.  Make sense? Didn't think so.


1. Loving coffee

2. Walking/hiking out in nature

3. Having little birds eat out of my hand when on said walks

4. Breathing deeply in the woods and smelling the “greenness” of it all.

5. Hugging my kids

6. Being best friends with my soulmate husband guy

7. Chocolate

8. Smiling too much

9. Laughing, sometimes inappropriately and to myself

10. Talking to myself

11. Trying to help, even when there is nothing I can do

12. Being ridiculously optimistic

13. Listening

14. Volunteering my time

15. Medication to make me balanced

16. Accepting that I need this medication to be 100% myself and being alright with that.

17. Listening to all kinds of music.

18. Singing loudly in the car on a solo drive.

19. The first few hours of time to myself on a Monday when everyone has gone back to school and work

20. Getting lost in a good book.

21. Getting lost in a mediocre episode of “Amazing Race”

22. Getting lost on a drive but finding my way with my old fashioned map book.

23. Laughing with my mother on the phone about life

24. Being with my sister no matter what our moods are. We are close.

25. Being thankful.

26. That feeling I get when I’ve pushed myself to go to the gym and had a good workout.

27. Friends who take you how you are.

28. Friends who bring out the best in you.

29. Appreciating friends for who they are and how their differences make our lives rich.

30. Exploring city neighbourhoods and finding hidden gems in them

31. A really good sleep

32. A really good warm shower

33. Losing track of time on the weekends.

34. Playing with my cat

35. Watching a sappy chick-flick, happy ending and all

36. Appreciating silence

37. Baking something and eating it hot from the oven.

38. Accepting that these extra pounds are not coming off if I continue to do 32 and being somewhat OK with that.

39. Not stepping on the scale

40. Pretending to be confident.

41. Playing games with my kids.

42. Being done with playing games with the kids after 20 minutes and having enough of my Monopoly fill for the month.

43. Being a superhero to my kids

44. Taking pride in my children’s accomplishments – both typical and atypical ones.

45. Travelling and dreaming about travelling

46. Trying something new.

47. Taking comfort in old favourites

48. Making time to be creative and appreciating creativity in others

49. Writing for my own pleasure.

50. Gaining wisdom


  1. Are the friends who take you as you are the ones you call when you can't get hold of the ones who bring out the best in you? I think 38 has the wrong number in it, unless someone has convinced you that showering makes you fat. :)

  2. water retention, right?

    i'd do my own list, but i would basically copy yours and say ditto.

  3. I was poking around my own blog history and saw your link here. I love this. Particularly 6, 7, 9, 29, 37, and 40. Sorry I didn't comment on this at the time. I love it. Lists like this make me feel grateful, which keeps the snarlies at bay.