Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Exactly Picasso

Laura loves to create.
Her ideal world would look something like Michaels, Bulk Barn and Home Depot mashed together . It's great that she has her thing that she would happily spend her waking hours doing. But there is the dark side to this business that people don't talk about. What do we do afterwards?

Creating is a good thing, right? But how do I defend myself against the onslaught of tiny bits of paper snowing all over my family room while she angellicly weilds her scissors in snowflake creation? Maybe I would feel differently if I didn't have to clean up all the post-creation detritus. Or where do I put the hundreds of "masterpieces" that look like painted blobs, recycle bin barf or ??? Yesterday she got hold of the full roll of green painter tape and decided to create structures with my drink coasters. Lovely. Did you know that green tape sticks wonderfully to socks and doesn't come out of the washer looking pretty? Here are some pictures of the proud "artists" creation.
Well, no matter how it turns out, I can not help but smile when she presents me with something, carefully wrapped up in that document I was looking for with her sweet "I made this for you." She is so proud. And I am totally wrapped around her little paint-stained finger.

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