Friday, February 26, 2010

The losing battle that is my kitchen

Housework is not my strong point. (I'm not sure what would classify as a strong point. Certainly not any traditional "duties" of the stay at home parent, unless you count creative problem solving ....but I digress.)

I am amazed at how quickly an orderly kitchen can turn to chaos, largely of my own doing. Then, no magical fairy comes to clean it up when I am not looking. Too many covered surfaces overwhelm me and I give up. Then the next meal becomes a scramble as I search for a cutting board or the elusive vegetable peeler, making meal prep take much longer than and I though it would while creating more surface clutter as I dig for things. Yes, it would be FAR easier to have cleaned up properly in the first place. But the slightest excuse, usually I'm too tired after having conquored the pre-meal scramble to put everything away properly.

However, I have found the key. A deadline. Usually it is company coming and the embarassment of my homelife outweighs my lethargic tendancies. Today is that I have hired that "fairy" to come and help me conquor. The cleaning company is doing their monthly blitz. Of course, this means I have to clean up so the company can really clean.

Time to get started. I already feel the slow well of panic setting in, spurring me into motion. Thank God.

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  1. I recently switched to part-time at work and one of the hardest aspects of doing so was the decision to give up our cleaning lady. Housework isn't my strong point either, but I'm trying my best to kinda sorta keep things in decent shape. I still live in perpetual fear that someone might pop over unannounced, though.