Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This time its Laura.  Everything is setting her off right now. 

The latest is a mega-melt because I had the nerve to seal an envelope for her birthday invitations.  (FYI - the right thing to do is to tuck the flap thing in and not stick it!) Earlier it was because she wanted to bring an empty peanut butter jar to pick strawberries instead of the baskets they provide.  Horrors!   Tears flow when I say "no" or don't have an instant play date for her.  Never mind if I attempt to help her with homework.  She melts as much as a toddler right now except there is no stroller I can strap her in at age almost nine.

Sigh.  And we are no where near the teenage years.  I need wine and Calvin and Hobbes to see me through.


  1. Hopefully the mega-meltdowns will be a short-lived phase.

    If not, Calvin & Hobbes will definitely help. I actually just introduced Hana to the joy of Calvin & Hobbes a couple of months ago, then she proceeded to speed her way through the four C & H comic books we owned. I just bought her another one that will be a "congratulations for a great school year" present.

  2. Urg. Anxiety about the end of the school year? Moon in Venus? I guess knowing what the cause is wouldn't really help much anyway. Oh well - good thing she's cute.

  3. You would not believe the drama here with my five year old (or maybe you would). I have taken to imitating her fake cry that she adpots when she doesn't get what she wants. I am not ready for thirteen.