Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Windy night in Vegas
The trouble with going away on a wonderful holiday is the return.  I love to be home with my family and at least the weather was decent this weekend but I am still half-stuck in the Disney World for Grown-ups that is Las Vegas.  I can't capture it all as I would like for the blog but I can give a few snap shots.

Sisters are awesome.  I travelled with my wonderful little sis Sylvia in honour of her turning 40 this year but I feel like I was the one getting the gift.  We laughed so hard our faces hurt.  We let go of all responsibilities, explored and ceased the day.  We grew closer.  I am so happy to have shared my trip with her.

Vegas gives a new definition to BIG.  You think you know what a hotel with over 5000 rooms is like?  Think again.  Wow!  It is big business here, even in economic down-times.  Walking around the hotel, pools casino and shops within the hotel is exercise, let alone exploring the strip.   Pack the comfy shoes to go the distance. 
view from the balcony
Little NY
Love those neon lights!

They do a show like no other.  We enjoyed the Cirque de Soleil production Ka.  Unbelievable.  There is no way they can defy gravity like that.  The show was captivating and a fascinating experience. Many of the shows are free like the amazing fountains at the Bellagio.  Very cool.
Caesars Palace

Not all things awesome are in Vegas.  We rented a car for a day and drove to the Hoover Dam. The desert is so beautiful and the Dam is an amazing structure.  Wow! 

Dam that's BIG

Hot! 105 F and it went up.
 The city doesn't sleep. And neither should you unless you can't move anymore.  We enjoyed all the pleasures of the city until alcohol slushies could not revive us.  (Ahem, some details omitted - WHIVSIV you know.) 

Thank you Las Vegas!  I will be back.


  1. I am supposed to head to Vegas in the fall for a trip with a bunch of girlfriends turning 40 (I already have). I could use some advice. Can you e-mail me any tips you have :)

  2. Looks fabulous, and richly deserved.