Friday, December 16, 2011

A Poll! Twelve Days of Christmas...

If asked, Owen will tell you that his favourite Christmas carol of all time is "The Twelve Days of Christmas".   The full version too.  If he begins, the WHOLE thing must be sung from start to finish with no omissions.  It makes for a loooonnng song, I tell you.  However, his enthusiasm makes up for it (the first time around) and we smile and go to our happy-place when he sings.

Others have done some versions of "Twelve Days" that are bearable.  These are three of my favourites:

1. The Canadian standard, eh?! Beauty!

2. A fave from my childhood.  The video quality isn't the greatest but 'tis a classic.

3. Love this one too!  These guys are amazing and do a creative interpretation.

So which is your favourite?  Please comment and let me know.  But if there is another version that outshines these, do share!


  1. I was watching a Princesses Christmas video with the little one the other day and they were singing the 12 days of Christmas only with an under-the-sea-Ariel theme. I was surprised the little miss had never heard the song before - she had no idea these were not the original words. I was singing the original around here afterwards and she wanted me to sing it the "real" way, meaning the Ariel way!

    That got me thinking about the classic Bob and Doug version. I was thinking of playing it for the kids but I'm not sure it's kid approved...does Owen find it hilarious, or mystifying?

  2. third one. hands down. that was awesome sauce!

    i also have a very soft spot for the muppet one.

  3. Owen won't let me listen to anything but the complete "right" version of 12 Days. He gets SO mad at Laura for singing it wrong, which she does, not on purpose, all the time. Makes for a less than peaceful Christmas carol time. I wear earphones often. ;-)

  4. I'm partial to the Bob and Doug and nostalgic about the Muppets one :-) My favourite carol from childhood was Little Drummer Boy but I'm not able to sing it, listen to it or even hum it around Corbin as I made the mistake of letting him watch the classic movie and he gets teary everytime thinking about the boys father being killed and that he is all alone at Christmas.

  5. BOB AND DOUG! A beer. In a tree.

  6. It's funny because I'm not actually all that crazy about 12 Days of Christmas...just WAY too repetitive. However, I like all three of these versions, especially the Straight No Chaser one.