Friday, December 9, 2011

Cat = 1 Tree = 0

I think I am just SO smart sometimes.  I love my cat but Molly is, well, a cat with cat instincts.  As much as I try to reason with her, she gives me the look that says, “If you wanted a stupid dog, you should have got one.  I am so above you.”   That doesn’t keep me from trying. 
So we got this lovely artificial tree we like to put up for Christmas.  Molly likes her new climbing structure and all the doo-dads we put on to amuse her.  Humph!  Time to engage my engineering brain and come up with a contraption to keep her down.
Here it is
  Here it is.  My engineering wonder – a layer of garbage bags (empty) between the branches that she can’t get through.  And it worked!  I am SO brilliant!  I should patent this thing!  Well, at least share it with the bloggy world or something.
Um, my cat is persistent. 
New ornament
Bugger!  OK, it is kind of cute.  Enough so that I grab my camera instead of wrestling her out of the damn tree.


Then this happened.
Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!!!  That would be the ornament that was Owen’s favourite, the one he wanted to inherit and pass down through the generations. 

So when he got home from school, I told him that Molly had outsmarted our cat-baffler.  Owen responded, “Back to the drawing board, mom!”  Love that kid!
So now I have to hunt down another world globe heirloom ornament and re-engineer the cat baffler.  Christmas is exhausting!


  1. Ohmygosh, that photo of the cat is awesome. The photo of the broken ornament is not so awesome...but I'm most impressed with Owen's reaction. Do you remember where you originally got the globe ornament?

  2. Enh, just wreathe the tree in catnip ornaments and admit defeat - I have. Here's to a crappy, standards-lowering Christmas.

  3. that photo of your cat in the tree could be a Christmas card cover!

  4. We have a new cat & we're getting our tree tomorrow. I'm now afraid. Very afraid.