Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Farewell Isn't Fun

Last night we said farewell to a dear friend who is moving 3000 km away.  I don't know when or if I will see her again in person and it sucks.  I hate this kind of good bye.  There are other dear people to me who are also too far away, some who happen to be celebrating birthdays this week, and I don't know when or if I will be seeing them again either. Each one was such a significant part of my life at one time or another. I can't believe those times are only memories now. 

There is a hollowness that remains when we lose those we care about from our daily lives.  I usually can take it, fill it with distractions of the moment and the joys that are close at hand, but today it aches.  I feel sulky and I don't like missing people.  I want a transporter, or a way to go back in time to re-experience some of the wonderful times in my past with people I miss. 

You would think that by 40-something, I would be over this childishness.  For now, nostalgia is making me blue.  I know that it gets better, today is just a day and all that.  I wouldn't trade a single memory of times with these people to avoid the pain.  All these finished chapters are part of my life story.  It still sucks.  I want it all. 


  1. I totally get this. We have friends that moved to California more than 15 years ago and we still pester them all the time to move back. At least Facebook and email make it easier to keep in touch -- but it still feels like a loss. So sorry to hear about the big move.

  2. a very nice read for July 9th. Smile because it happened :)