Monday, April 14, 2014

Random Notes of a Non-Dieter on Detox

I don't diet.  I lack the willpower and organization to make it last beyond a day.  I also am pretty easy going about my body with all it's imperfections that I don't really see the point.  All that being said, this time was different.  I wasn't feeling OK, tight pants aside, I was feeling tired too often, my brain felt foggy and my stomach was upset more than it should be.  Time for change, time for a diet. 

Bookstore wanders led me to this, "The 21 Day Sugar Detox" by Diane Sanfilippo.  Hmmm, this may be do-able.  It is only 3 weeks and the cover is really colourful so I'm sold.  Here is what happened:

  • Sugar is out.  That means all forms of sugar, sweeteners, and most fruit too.  That is hard to do!  I read labels like crazy but mostly ended up cooking more from scratch.  A good natural food store is your friend and you find many
  • Grains are limited and gluten is out.  This is a big shift from my regular food.  No more toast for breakfast, croissant pick-me-up later in the day.  I did cheat a little here and got some organic, gluten-free, seed based crackers and chips for snacking.   
  • Dairy (full fat), eggs and most nuts are in.  There are variations for those who may be sensitive to any of those things.  I brought a variety of nut mixes with me to munch on throughout the day. 
  • This diet works because I can have coffee, one of my essential food groups.  It also allows, even encourages healthy types of meats and bacon!  My taste buds don't miss sugar so much when there are other savory flavours to enjoy.
  •  You can't have wine.  That sucks.  I cheated on that one too and had a few glasses on weekends. I am a rebel.
  • I started cooking like I care again.  New recipes involving a variety of veggies are on the menu.  I tried new things, some that actually worked!  I enjoyed the coconut based things especially.  I tropical holiday in a way.
  • You get to eat a lot of food.  I suppose you shouldn't go overboard on portions but you don't really have limits.  I didn't really measure much and I found I started to recognize hunger versus eating for boredom or energy crash pick-me-ups.  I eat more often but less volume of food now. 
  • In the end I lost about 10 lbs and couple inches off my waist and an inch off my hips.  I shrunk a pant size and needed to buy a new belt.  A WIN!
  • I do have more energy, at least in general between meals.  The fats and proteins that I ate do hold my blood sugar steady and strangely I do not NEED to have a coffee every couple of hours.
  • My stomach is behaving so much better.  I won't go into details but you get the picture.
  • I think I am thinking more clearly but I'm not sure how you measure that.  I can multi-task better and I haven't lost my keys this week.  Does that count?  I am sleeping alright but not really a change in that for me.  I know I need to get to bed earlier and I drink less coffee. 
So now I am going to keep some of the changes to my diet and toss away some others.  I am reaching for proteins instead of sweets to pick me up.  I will limit some of the treats to smaller portions and less often. 
Overall, it was a good experience, even if my family thinks I am nuts.  Mmmmm... nuts.... trail mix anyone?

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  1. I'm on a very similar diet after some digestive troubles - my doctor recommended it. No gluten, no processed foods containing sugar or corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, limited fruit. I also can't have a few other things. I have to say - it kind of sucks - and yet - I do feel better. I feel like I have more energy and like you, I notice I am eating because I am hungry, not just because it's there and I feel like it. Sigh - I really hate it that it kind of worked because PIE. However, I intend to keep going for a while (with some cheating allowed).

    Are you going to stick with it? Or was it just a temporary thing? Will you keep some things, not others? Also - any new great recipes to share?