Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tropical Bliss

It was all I could hope for and more.  A week in the Dominican with the people I love, soaking up the sun, turquoise ocean wave jumping, lounging by pools with a rum drink in hand, escaping winter chills, peace.  Pure bliss. 


  1. Oh, I am so envious. It just looks amazing - so beautiful and you all look just so relaxed and happy! Where did you stay? I'm not sure a tropical vacation is in our future but your photos certainly make it look tempting :). So glad you got to get away from it all!

  2. So, I was just going to make the one comment on the most recent post so that I don't look all stalkerish. BUT these pictures are GREAT, your family is glowing, and it just looks like such a wonderful time. The sunset at the end made me gasp out loud.

  3. ^^that's me. I had no idea I had a blogger account (let alone one that's almost three years old).