Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WW - The Art of Kitten Tipping

OK, so Wednesdays are supposed to be wordless but I have to share the story behind my silly grin over the kittens....

To say that my sister is outgoing is a big understatement.  She thinks nothing of striking up personal conversations with random strangers and is completely genuine in doing it.  So when we were at a restaurant the other day she struck up a conversation with the handsome waiter.  We were just talking about the mound  of rescued kittens they had inherited and were looking to give away. 

She turns to Dan, the waiter and says, "That was a great meal and would you like a kitten?"  He paused.  It is not likely that every day customers offer kittens for a tip top-up.  He says, "Well, actually, yes.  Does it catch mice?"  The conversation continues. 

Skip ahead and the next day, Dan came to the farm to collect the orange fluff-ball.  (We had forgotten to bring the kittens to the restaurant.)  So is another typical day with my sister and why my life is never dull. The end.


  1. Rofl... And the best paart is that every word is true! (Next time we tip with a chicken!) Love you!

  2. Good thing I already knew the story, or I would have thought this was analagous to cow-tipping. :)