Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When kids go green...

The "green-ness" has seeped in deeper than I thought.  It makes it hard for me to take the easy way out and to toss that disgusting science experiment glass jar into the garbage instead cleaning it and recycling.  It's tough to multitask and let the water run to get cold before filling glasses while I set the table.  And it is tough playing pretend with my 8 year old.

While shopping yesterday, Laura was getting a variety of pretend materials to help fix up her doll's room.  She carefully checked the price on the options, made sure things fit and the like.  Then she wanted to pick out (imaginary) wood to build a bed for her.

Laura "What kind of wood is that?"
Me: "Um, maple I think.  Is that OK?"
Laura "Yes...but wait!  Is it grown locally and sustainably?  We'd better make sure they plant some more trees too."
Me "Yes, of course.  Good thing you remembered"

Young Green Laura
I guess the next generation is working towards a greener future.  I'll take it... and leave plenty for her too.

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