Friday, May 13, 2011

Joy of Car Repairs

It being mid-May, I feel I may be safe in having my winter tires removed from my trusty car.  When I did the other car, it snowed the next day.  So, apologies in advance if I somehow have caused weather mayhem due to my careless summer optimism.  Off to the dealership I head.

Anyway, a trip to the garage is usually a big PIA experience. I usually expect the bill to be $500 with all that they find wrong in addition to my requested service, but not yesterday.  For I have discovered that Nissan has tricked me into thinking I’m a worthy customer with their ploys.

Step 1 – Arrive at spotless service department to friendly technicians who treat me with respect and do exactly what I ask.  How odd!

Step 2 – Head to lounge upstairs.  I’m offered a complementary cup of decent coffee from the cafe.  I could have lunch too, if I wanted.  There’s free Wi-Fi, and a kid’s play area – enclosed and clean.  I’m not sure where I am.

Step 3 – Go to lounge room with massage chairs, relaxed lighting and radio with soothing stuff on it to bliss out to my heart’s content.  Ahhhhh…  Here’s proof:

tulips and castles 016

After I am mush, I don’t really care how much the car service bill is.  The car is finished on time and I am relaxed.  Not too bad a way to spend an hour waiting for my car.


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  2. Do you think they'll work on my Toyota if I paint over the name?

  3. That sounds pretty sweet. And since this is Canada, you'll be back to get your winter tires installed in four short months. Isn't that AWESOME!?